A bit of background

The Side Saddle Association of Ireland was founded in 1981 to promote  and assist side saddle  riders. Patricia (Trish) Hanson was the moving force , she was also the vice-president of the UK society. Ronnie and Judy McMahon, Fania Mahony, Kathleen Carvill and the Curran family from Macetown, Tara were also involved in the early days with much support from Mrs Rosemary Skrine from Wexford.

Many days of instruction were organised and a large number of juniors were soon riding with confidence and polish, thanks to Trishs’ instructions.

As a result of this progress teams were sent to England for several years, competing at Newark and the Malvern where both senior and junior members competed  with wonderful results, bringing home plenty of rosettes and championships.

Team in Newark in the 1980's

The Side Saddle Association of Ireland has enjoyed a revival in the last number of years and in 2017 rebranded as ‘Side Saddle Ireland’. We are a small but active club and help is available if you are interested in taking up the elegant art of Side Saddle. Please keep an eye on our website, Facebook Page, Instagram, or contact us by e-mailing sidesaddleireland@gmail.com