Report from Mount Juliet ride

Claire’s first Experience to ‘Have a Go’ riding Side Saddle was at the ‘Beginners Clinic’ held in Ardmulchan on the 8th September.

Then nothing would do her but to head for Mount Juliet on Saturday 20th October for the ‘Trail – Trek’ in the fantastic surroundings of the Kilkenny Country Side where under the watchful eye of both Ciara Ryan organiser of the wonderful day and with great guidance and assistance from Susan Oakes.

Claire wrote to thank us all which is very much appreciated and makes it so worthwhile just to see smiling happy faces of both Father Flor and Daughter Claire”

‘Thank you for all your help last week. You were very nice to me and thank you for letting me borrow Amy’s habit – it is really lovely. Daddy will bring it back to you shortly.


I felt really important and all grown up even though I am only nine when I was all dressed up last week. I had the best day of my life in Mount Juliet  – everyone was kind to me. Ms Oakes helped me to jump on my own – she is GREAT – I want to jump the ginormous wall in the RDS some day just like her.’

Claire and Flor Madden

Claire and Flor Madden