Susan Oakes won the Leaping Ladies High Jump Competition

On the 31st of July in Aintree Racecourse Irish rider Susan Oakes won the Leaping Ladies High Jump Competition and she also set a new world record by doing so.
Susan set the new record on grand Prix Show jumper Brandy & Red at 5’8 and then attempted to jump 6’6 but just touched the pole off. The unofficial record of 6’6 set in 1915 by Mrs Ester Stace is believed that she was jumping off a Springboard or that there was a ramp running up to the fence-that’s why the horse is going in such a strange shape.

Now Oakes has been giving a fantastic opportunity by The RDS at a chance to break her own record over the Puissance Wall on home ground on Saturday the 18th August at 6pm.

She would like to thank all the people who have supported her over the last few months from all around the world’.

Any one interested in joining a group of Side Saddle Association supporters to cheer on Susan Oakes during her Side Saddle high Jump over the Puissance Wall which is schedule to take place on Saturday afternoon during a break in the Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show International Puissance.

Please make contact as soon as possible to allow ample time to organise and hopefully be able to purchase as many seats grouped together as possible