Points results 2019

Ladies Points Championship 2019 

Champion sash & 1st Alicia Devlin Byrne & King Flagmount

Reserve Champion sash & 2nd Esme Mansergh-Wallace & Derrymore Paddy Finn 

3rd  Thomasina O’Reilly & Rosscon Camille 

4th Claire Nulty & Kiltiernan Cloncoe  

5th Amory McMahon & Inis Faith  

6th Rebecca Rafter & Roanwood Mick Dundee 

Antonia de Burgh & Gypsy Cobra Cruis

Olivia Connolly & Barronstown Poppy  

Tara Kinsella & Kilaloe Lance 

Lynne Hincks & Hello There 

Natasha Hayes & Brehan Beauty 

Megan Connell & Toberpatrick Ruby

Hazel Valentine & The Grey Than Art

Alicia Devlin Byrne & Grey Smoke 

Amanda Power & Welcome Star 

Louise Daly & Clonross Glenray Jewel

Amanda Power & Classic Jewel 

Shannon O’Mahony & Roulette 

Rebecca Langan Meredith & Dunmore East Pluto

Amory McMahon & Gold Nugget 

Ciara O’Connell & Fit for Anything 

Junior Points Championship 2019

Champion & 1st Laura Jackson & Donode Dusty 

Reserve Champion & 2nd Lauren Hincks & Hello There 

Best Junior Rider 2019

1st Laura Jackson 

2nd Lauren Hincks 

Overall Lady Rider 2019

1st Alicia Devlin Byrne 

Best Lady Rider 2019 

1st Alicia Devlin Byrne 

2nd Esme Mansergh Wallace 

Working Hunter Champion 2019 

1st Alicia Devlin Byrne 

Thoroughbred Award 2019

1st Amanda Power & Classic Jewel 

2nd Ciara O’Connell & Fit for Anything 

Hunter Trial Award 2019

1st Hazel Valentine 

2nd Amory McMahon

Registered Irish Draught Award 2019

1st Alicia Devlin Byrne & King Flagmount

2nd Amanda Power & Welcome Star 

Irish Sport Horse Award 2019

1st Amory McMahon & Inis Faith 

2nd Rebecca Rafter & Roanwood Mick Dundee 

3rd Antonia de Burgh & Gypsy Cobra Cruis 

4th Olivia Connolly & Barronstown Poppy 

5th  Tara Kinsella & Kilaloe Lance 

6th Megan Connell & Toberpatrick Ruby 

Hazel Valentine & The Grey Than Art 

Louise Daly & Clonross Glenray Jewel 

Rebecca Langan Meredith & Dunmore East Pluto 

Amory McMahon & Gold Nugget 

Connemara Award 2019 

1st Laura Jackson & Donode Dusty 

2nd Esme Mansergh Wallace & Derrymore Paddy 

3rd Thomasina O’Reilly & Rosscon Camille

4th Claire Nulty & Kiltiernan Cloncoe 

5th Lynne Hincks & Hello There

6th Lauren Hincks & Hello There 

7th Alicia Devlin Byrne & Grey Smoke 

New Member Award 2019 

Claire Nulty 

New Partnership Award 2019 

Claire Nulty & Kiltiernan Cloncoe 

Best O-143 pony: 

Laura Jackson & Donode Dusty